Thursday, 29 November 2012


I've been listening to this a lot lately and it really deserves to be shared with hip hop lovers. My boy Matthew released his latest mixtape 'Amour Luxure' when his ever growing music blog 'All In A Day's Work' hit 250k views, I am so proud of him & he's so good at doing what he does with promoting new artists and always sharing the latest music from the best of hip hop's underground scene- I don't think he knows how much artists and people appreciate his work and his talent at producing mixtapes, especially when he made one just for me..'Lioness'.

This mixtape is the follow up to (i)OVERDOSE(d), the twisted valentines day mixtape telling the story of one man's paranoia in his relationship which spirals out of control. In Amour Luxure, the feelings of lust and heartbreak and portrayed through this powerful compilation of hand picked music. Featuring the finest hip hop from Dubb, Joseph Somo, The Weeknd and the beautifully haunting vocals from JMSN telling tales of love, lust and loss. The mixtape is immaculately compiled with interludes from Cassie and a beautiful piano piece from Matt Lange. You can download Amour Luxure here. Check out one of my favourite tracks off the mixtape, below.

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