Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Just discovered two new tracks dropped by The Black Opera via Mello Music Group on twitter, and I have to say, there is not one artist from this label I haven't liked yet, all of the artists are so talented and feel they really emphasise 'real' hip hop. These two tracks are refreshing. 'Opera Hands', starting with a classic smooth James Brown sample progressively mixing in almost 'futuristic' electronic loops and topped with lyrical flow I find myself, being reminiscent of Lupe Fiasco. The second track, 'Teleport'.. well that beat and hook just got me listening to that on repeat. If you like this, be sure to take a listen and you can also currently download for free, their project 'Overture' released last summer via Mello Music. Definitely recommend listening to this one, find it here.

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