Saturday, 12 May 2012


I only discovered Apollo Brown in the last month by stumbling on his instrumentals on Youtube and instantly fell in love with his style, the track 'Cloudy Days' really stood out to me, he's definitely got a unique style. I then heard 'Prove Me Wrong' by him and OC via Tumblr and knew I had to download the album. Definitely worth it, I can't stop listening to it at the moment. The album 'Trophies' was released April 24th via Mello Music who yU is also signed to, another talented hip hop artist, check him out @yUthe78er . The album is a collab between Apollo Brown, with him producing the tracks and OC laying down the vocals and from listening to the album you can see how well they work together. I love the old school hip hope vibe, refreshing from the mass of commercial sounds out right now.

'Today's society is fascinated with "Trophies". Not just a shiny cup or figurine atop a wooden platform, but the superficial earnings as a result of one's recognition. Prestigious awards, fancy cars, nice jewelry, and beautiful women, are all coveted "Trophies" of the present day. They seem to be the preferred end result of our hard work. Everyone NEEDS to be recognized for whatever their achievement may be, in order to feel that he/she made a mark in this world. And in order for our recognition to be proper, we NEED an award, or a material object to help reassure us that we did something. But why?'

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