Saturday, 30 July 2011


So I spent all afternoon outside in the sun reading some old copies of dazed and confused. In the past i've tried buying numerous magazines in an attempt to find one that i actually enjoyed reading monthly with no luck until i came across this early last year, and since then i have been buying it religiously every month. It has so much varied content, no reading about the same thing over and over again, it covers music, fashion, art & culture, lifestyle, photography and film. For instance i was going from reading about NO6 London's Adidas concept store, the history of hip hop street style and basket ball in 70s New York and rise of Nike air force 1s to experimental video bloggers 'tell no one' and underground music and film reviews with the odd fashion editorial showing off the latest trends.
Dazed's 200th issue is out in August with special guest-editor Bjork.

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